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Thank you for your interest in the Wings Over Willcox Birding and Nature Festival. Registration is now closed, but you can look through the site to see what was offered in 2022 to get some ideas of what to look forward to in 2023.

Seminar Information

Seminars and presentations for this year's festival will all be in-person.. The seminars are free and open to the public. There is no need to sign up to attend the seminars. A variety of seminars will be offered in the afternoon on Friday and Saturday after most of our field trips have returned. We will post our seminar information later in the month. All registrants will be notified once these are ready.

If you have difficulty viewing the seminar information, please check to see if you are using a current version of your browser software. Also, please be aware that you will have to scroll through the seminar page using the inner scroll bar on the right hand side of the webpage. It may be necessary to allow Pop-ups with your Internet browser to see the Tour and Seminar details.

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Friday 01/14/22
1 Sandhill Cranes 101  
Meet at WCC:   12:00 PM  Return:   1:00 PM   
Learn more about the birds that started our birding festival. Everything you wanted to know about the oldest bird (going back over 65 million years) and one of Arizona's most magnificent species.

Seminar Speaker: Steve Marlatt  

3 Grand Canyon of the Colorado River: There's much more to it than meets the eye!  
Meet at WCC:   3:00 PM  Return:   4:00 PM   
The presentation is about the rocks in Arizona's Grand Canyon and how they got there.

Seminar Speaker: Larry Fellows  

Saturday 01/15/22
4 Migrating with the Sandhill Cranes  
Meet at WCC:   12:00 PM  Return:   1:00 PM   
This seminar documents Erv Nichols and Sandra Nolls six month journey following Sandhill Crane migration from wintering grounds in New Mexico through mid-continent flyway staging areas in Colorado and Nebraska to breeding grounds in Alaska. The narrative is enhanced by serendipitous encounters with nature and wildlife along the way. Interesting information and stunning photography are woven into an entertaining tapestry of their journey and relationship with this remarkable bird.

Seminar Speaker: Erv Nichols     Sandra Noll    

5 Going Batty: The Exciting Night Life of Bats!  
Meet at WCC:   1:30 PM  Return:   2:30 PM   
Karen has studied bats for more than 35 years. Learn about this exciting and unique nocturnal mammal and how it is so successful as a predator and pollinator. There are more than 1,100 species of bats that occur worldwide. Arizona has 28 species of bats. Bats are an important part of our ecosystems and deserve our respect and admiration. Echolocation allows a bat to fly in total darkness to locate, chase, and capture flying insects. Bridges and other human structures are important roost habitat for many species of bats. Nectar bats visit and pollinate columnar cactus and succulents in our area. Join us for an interesting and exciting lecture on bats!

Seminar Speaker: Karen Krebbs  

6 Willcox Stinging Insects are Beautiful  
Meet at WCC:   3:00 PM  Return:   4:00 PM   
Justin will talk about the many insects beyond Cochise County and Willcox, pointing out those that are present in the area. He will also bring along a few museum specimens.

Seminar Speaker: Justin Schmidt  

107 Chiricahua Regional Museum & Research Center Tour  
Meet at WCC:   3:00 PM  Return:   4:00 PM   
The Chiricahua Regional Museum, established in 1999, is maintained and operated by the Sulphur Springs Valley Historical Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the history of Willcox and the entire Sulphur Springs Valley from prehistoric times to the modern era. The focus of this museum is on the Apache Indians, the U. S. Cavalry, the cattle industry, the Southern Pacific Railroad, and the many ethnic groups who contributed to the development of this region of Arizona. Few areas in our state can claim such a rich and fascinating cultural heritage. The museum is continually expanding its collection of artifacts, documents, photographs, and other items of historic interest.

The tour will be led local resident Kathy Klump. Kathy has dedicated more than 30 years of volunteer activities in Willcox. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the Chiricahua Regional Museum and Research Center as archivist and research librarian. She is active in researching, collecting, and preserving the history of Willcox and the surrounding towns in the Sulphur Springs Valley, Bowie, San Simon, and Bonita.

Meet at the Chiricahua Regional Museum, 127 E Maley St, Willcox, AZ.

Seminar Speaker: Kathy Klump  


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