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WINGS OVER WILLCOX 2018 - It is our 25th Year!!


The 2018 Festival is on the way. Right now you can come on out and hike in the Sky Islands, spotting wildlife, or just enjoying the outdoors. It is a great time to make it happen. Cochise County is one of America's most scenic places so come on over and see us. You may even want to experience some of our great wines or other delights like pistachios

Have you seen the fantastic Birding Adventures episodes? Thanks James for visiting Wings Over Willcox Birding Adventures TV Cochise County

"Wings Birding Adventures "Gould's Turkey Adventure

Our festival is the perfect opportunity to see all the winter migrants that visit our area and to see the other wildlife and natural wonders of Southeastern Arizona. Our festival provides opportunities to explore nature in Southeastern Arizona through tours on photography, geology, history, botany, agriculture and the wonderful Sandhill Cranes and other birds of our area. We invite you to take advantage of these opportunities by signing up for tours and seminars. We hope you can join us!

Please “like” our Facebook page and send us pictures from your adventure to post. We are working on the 2018 Brochure go the Maps and More Page click here for some great info

Just Added Cornell Lab of Ornithology eBird Trail Tracker

 We are looking forward
to seeing you and are already getting ready for January 11-14, 2018

Bryan Holliday Photo Tour

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WINGS 2018 Featured Artist -Bryan Holliday Photo: American Kestrel

Bryan is one of our photography tour guides.

Bryan Holliday is an award-winning wildlife photographer, focusing mostly on birds.  His image of the red-winged blackbird singing on a cold morning was honored with First Prize in the National Wildlife Federation contest.  He has been published by National Geographic, Bird Watcher’s Digest, and Tucson Audubon’s Vermilion Flycatcher.  Bryan has been teaching science and math for 17 years and is currently an 8th grade science teacher in Phoenix, Arizona.  He escapes the classroom as often as possible to get out on birding and photographic adventures.  Born and raised in Illinois, Bryan has really enjoyed the birds of Arizona and the southwest for the past decade.  To see more of Bryan’s work, visit his website at BryanHolliday.com

linda cline

You Can Take Photos Like These

Bryan is one of our wonderful Photography Tour Guides. He brings a lot of passion and skill to our

Wings Over Willcox Festival. We are really glad that he is a part of this great event. So if you have

ever wanted to take pictures like the ones on this page come on and join our photography tour.

photo tour

birding adventures "Wings Cranes" cardinals



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We are currently looking for artists wishing to submit color artwork for our t-shirts / brochure cover. Click Here for Email Address

Festival shirts and water bottles are available.  You may order using the Souvenirs link or by calling 1-800-200-2272.

Watching Sandhill Cranes in Sulphur Springs Valley viewing guide is now available.

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