As January approaches, it is hard to believe that the Wings Over Willcox festival is coming up on its 30th Anniversary! I recall the very first year. It was a shorter event with fewer tours - yet it was a wonderful time with numerous people that braved the cold, snowy weather to see our Sandhill Cranes. It truly was a special beginning. Over the past 30 years we have had our challenges with COVID being the latest. Yet, through it all, it has never ceased to be a wonderful event. It is no surprise, really, with all the amazing birds we have in Sulphur Springs Valley, but at the heart of it are the people of the festival - the committee members, the field trip leaders, the volunteers, and you, our participants. Thank you for the past 29 years, and please join us while we celebrate this special year!



See you out birding!

Homer Hansen, President

Wings Over Willcox


Homer Hansen

Homer M. Hansen
President of Wings Over Willcox




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